Sex differences in mongolian gerbils

The video was stopped every time the gerbils moved into the areas specified above, so researchers were able to note down the time precisely. Males portrayed these behaviours more; therefore this implies that females were more anxious as they showed less of these behaviours.

Fat accumulation in tha adrenal gland: Males spent more time in the inner area than females naturally, but when analysing the results of the outer area females spent a significant of time in the outer area that males Appendix.

The gerbils used in this study were bred in captivity, they might not be totally aware of their social behaviour compared to the gerbils not raised in captivity. Materials The Materials in this study included videos of male and female gerbils in an open field enclosure size. These brain areas were chosen based on previous studies from other rodent species indicating the existence of these neurochemicals and their potential roles in social behaviors.

When in an unfamiliar environment, female rats seemed to be more anxious than the male rats and in familiar environment it was the opposite. In Chinese striped hamsters, females raise pups alone, and they also display higher levels of aggressive behavior compared to males [42].

In that box there was a square drawn inside, this was called the inner area, and outside that square was called the outer area. When analysed statistically the difference found were significant, as males climbed, sniffed and played with the toy more?.

In this study toy interaction, line crossing and the time spent in the inner area all suggests that the gerbils are explorative and are really relaxed in that environment.

Place the gerbil in your hand or a firm surface such as a table 2. Two standard empty toilet rolls were also tacked down to the floor, one in the outer area and one in the inner area. Concentric whorls of rough endoplasmic reticulum in adrenocortical cells of the mongolian gerbil.

Starkey Show more https: The gap will be larger in males. The distance between the urinary and anal openings - Is greater in males than females. Gerbils were released into enclosure in pairs according to gender. Hold the gerbil firmly upright around the waist.

This acted as an enrichment as a shelter or a toy. Chinese striped hamsters were captured in croplands nearby Qufu, Shandong Province in the winter of These behaviours on the other hand suggest that the gerbils were anxious, and these behaviours were more dominant in males than females, suggesting that females were much more relaxed in these behaviours.

Male Gerbil Move the mouse over the picture to find out information on sexing Male Gerbils Female Gerbil Move the mouse over the picture to find out information on sexing Female Gerbils Sexing gerbils by Whitmoregirl Please let the video load fully before playing.

Subjects Subjects included four captive bred Mongolian gerbils, two females and two males. There was also a line marked across the middle of the box. Fighting occurred in 56 per cent of mixed sex pairings.?SWANSON: SEX DIFFERENCES IN BEHAVIOUR OF THE MONGOLIAN GERBIL PLATE XXI Illustration of some postures shown by gerbils in a mixed sex encounter.

Thus, this study was conducted to investigates sex differences between male and female Mongolian gerbils within four established test paradigms for anxiety: the elevated plus maze, black–white box, open-field and social interaction tests.

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Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Adebisi Alao, at Canterbury Christ Church University: [email protected] Sex differences in Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus) in an open-field test.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | Sex differences in circadian wheel running rhythms in the Mongolian gerbil | Six male and six female Mongolian gerbils were allowed continuous access to running. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Sex differences in Mongolian gerbils in four tests of anxiety | Animal models or test paradigms for predominantly female disorders, such as anxiety, often use only.

Sexing Gerbils

Sexing Mongolian gerbils becomes quite straight forward from around 5 weeks of age and there are distinct visible differences between males and females. These main distinct differences are observed in adult gerbils and are as following.

Sex differences in mongolian gerbils
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